Activists bare breasts to disrupt Le Pen’s May Day speech in Paris

(Reuters) – Three bare-breasted women making Nazi salutes disrupted a May Day speech by French far-right leader Marine Le Pen as she accused her political rivals of failing to tackle immigration and radical Islam.

The women from the Femen activist group, with “Heil Le Pen” and “Stop Fascism” written on their breasts, chanted anti-National Front slogans from the balcony of a five-star hotel room overlooking the stage, to boos from the crowd.

It was the second interruption to Le Pen’s attempt to address hundreds of National Front (FN) supporters in central Paris. Earlier her father Jean-Marie, the party’s founder, unexpectedly took to the podium to cheers despite a party disciplinary procedure against him over controversial comments about World War Two.

The 86-year-old former paratrooper left the stage without uttering a word and did not wait to listen to his daughter’s speech…