40 Person Mob Assaults 2 Jews on Paris’ Boulevard Voltaire

A photo found by Google of Boulevard Voltaire

Two Jewish residents of Paris were assaulted on the street by a gang of about 40 people on Friday, Israeli French JSS News reported on Friday.

The attack against the two Jewish residents, both in their 20s, occurred about 2:30 p.m. on Boulevard Voltaire in Paris’ 11 arrondissement, according to the report.

Police launched an investigation into the incident and warned local Jewish businesses owners to be extra vigilant, JSS News said.

Witnesses on the scene said members of the Jewish community volunteered to watch over the many local Jewish businesses on Boulevard Voltaire, according to French antisemitism watchdog group the Bureau National de Vigilance Contre l’Antisemitisme…

The ethnicity of the mob is not given, but I am willing to make a guess. The neo-Nazi scene in Paris is not that extensive (mostly a bunch of older men, not given to mob violence).

I do not know the type of neighbourhood it is, but the story also mentions that in 2006 a Jew was kidnapped on Boulevard Voltaire, tortured and killed. It could be a long street that passes through many different types of neighbourhood.

A French Jewish Forum chose this photo to illustrate the story.