White House denies that it invited Charlie Hebdo staff to see Obama

The White House on Friday denied a report in a French magazine that the administration invited staffers from the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo to meet with and draw President Barack Obama in the aftermath of the bloody terrorist attack on the publication’s offices in Paris.

Rénald Luzier, better known by his pen name, Luz, told the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles that U.S. officials conceived of the visit as a way to make up for the absence of a top American official at a march in support for Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 11, one week after the attack.

  • Of course it wouldn’t.

    They’re just random folks or something.

    • He is the first random President.

      • Mohamsandwich

        A random president who earned a random Nozel prize for being born into a random race.

      • Some say the first Manchurian candidate.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Are you sure this is not a satire piece?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Are you sure the White House didn’t invite the families of the killers to assure them we love Islam?