UK: Students’ union backs diversity officer who banned white people and men from ‘anti racism’ rally

A students’ union has backed a welfare and diversity officer’s decision to ban white people and men from an event to promote equality.

University College London Union has released a statement saying it ‘stands in solidarity’ with Bahar Mustafa, the officer at Goldsmiths Students’ Union, who sparked controversy last week.

Goldsmiths students were invited to the meeting to discuss ‘diversifying the curriculum’, but were shocked when Miss Mustafa told white people and men ‘not to come’ as it was only open to BME [black and minority ethnic] women.

Goldsmiths’ union eventually backed down after backlash from students, one of whom described the exclusive policy as ‘patronising beyond belief’.

In a statement on its website, University College London Union says: ‘We at UCLU stand in solidarity with Bahar Mustafa and the network and are disappointed in the decision to now allow ‘white allies’ to attend such events…