UK: Shacklewell Lane Mosque dome is ‘message of unity’ against Islamophobia

A giant political slogan daubed onto the dome of a Dalston Mosque is a “message of unity” – according to the party it is advertising.

The owner of the Shacklewell Lane Mosque Ramadan Guney decided to emblazon his dome with the words ‘Vote for Hope’ and ‘Vote Nigel Askew – Reality Party’ in support of his friend who is running against Nigel Farage in the General Election.

Nigel Askew, a ‘real pub landlord’ and photographer from Ramsgate is running on an anti-UKIP ticket in the constituency of South Thanet for Bez from Happy Mondays’ Reality Party.

Guney, who has been friends with Askew since the 1970s, agreed to graffiti the slogan on the dome in support of his campaign…

  • Isn’t that illegal?

  • P_F

    This mosque should have it’s religious & charity status rescinded.

    • winniec

      Is it politics or religion?
      Of course, Islam is both: theocratic fascism.
      UK law applies to this.

  • winniec

    Vote discriminatory SHARIA!
    Vote misogyny and supremacism!
    Vote theocratic fascism!
    Vote population replacement!

  • andycanuck

    I think Nigel is badly askew.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Does he not realize that once shariah law is established in Britain, he will not be able to continue being a “real pub landlord” because there will be no pubs? If I depended for my livelihood on sales of alcohol I would be wary of forming alliances with any of the teetotalling persuasion, particularly those of a religious bent.

    • Frau Katze

      This pol only cares about getting elected. NOTHING else.

    • canminuteman

      Beat me to it. I don’t know how he squares his personal business with his political ambitions.

    • Frances

      If alcohol is haram for Muslems, how come so many used same in their grooming gangs?