UK: Shacklewell Lane Mosque dome is ‘message of unity’ against Islamophobia

A giant political slogan daubed onto the dome of a Dalston Mosque is a “message of unity” – according to the party it is advertising.

The owner of the Shacklewell Lane Mosque Ramadan Guney decided to emblazon his dome with the words ‘Vote for Hope’ and ‘Vote Nigel Askew – Reality Party’ in support of his friend who is running against Nigel Farage in the General Election.

Nigel Askew, a ‘real pub landlord’ and photographer from Ramsgate is running on an anti-UKIP ticket in the constituency of South Thanet for Bez from Happy Mondays’ Reality Party.

Guney, who has been friends with Askew since the 1970s, agreed to graffiti the slogan on the dome in support of his campaign…