Senior female Isis figure revealed as Muslim student…from Seattle

unnamed-13A senior female Isis figure who reportedly helped recruit women to join the extremist group in areas under its self-declared caliphate has been exposed as a student from Seattle, who may have been living in the city up until March this year.

The person behind the influential @_UmmWaqqas Twitter account has been revealed by Channel 4 as a woman in her 20s who lived and studied in the US.

Her Twitter account had a following of over 8,000 before it was suspended and shows that British recruits, such as Aqsa Mahmood, and other women from Europe were in contact with her in the days running up their departure. Mahmood goes by the name of ‘Umm Layth’ online and tweets from the @_UmmWaqqas account included: “Legit I talk to @ummlayth everyday” and “Umm Layth has more BALLS than most men & more heart/iman to have left her home for Allah’s sake”…

  • mobuyus

    Hang her by her BALLS if she’s got em.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Hellfire Missiles await!

  • Barrington Minge

    Looks like a garbage bag tome….

  • Hard Little Machine

    Kumqat al Amriki ibn Seattle