May Day 2015: Toronto’s 10th Annual May Day of Action

May Day is finally here and we are excited to take to the streets to demonstrate collective power of migrant communities. Along with hundreds of our community allies today we will celebrate this anti-capitalist and anti-colonial declaration of resistance that unites working-class struggles and refutes the false division set up by immigration policies between “Canadian” workers and “foreign” workers. So come on out today and join our contingent at the 10th Annual May Day of Action to demand Status for All! Word is it’s also going to be a beautiful day!

Every year on May 1st grassroots organizations in Toronto rally and march to mark International Worker’s Day, for migrant and worker’s rights and in support of Indigenous people’s struggles. Themed around the most pressing issues of the day and committed to people’s struggles against oppression and exploitation, May Day unites people’s struggles for self-determination and liberation. We continue this tradition in 2015, rallying and marching against colonial and capitalist attacks on our communities here and Canadian imperialism’s plunder and attacks on peoples across the world.

Friday, May 1
5:00 pm
Starting at Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall)

Facebook Event Page.

h/t Marvin (from a newsletter)