Mark Levin Blasts the Bush Family: ‘They’re Corporatists, Sellouts Hell Bent on More Immigration’

As regular readers of PJ Media know, I’m a Ted Cruz guy. He’s the best conservative candidate out there; he is anti-establishment and actually believes in conservative values. Next year’s elections are of vital importance for the future of the United States: either a real conservative like Ted puts the country back on track, or corruptocrat Hillary Clinton takes over and continues to destroy America as President Obama has done for the last 6.5 years.

Some conservatives believe it’s not that bad, and that there are many other good Republicans out there who can a) defeat Hillary and b) fix the country. One of the candidates they point to is Jeb Bush, who’s doing well in most national polls.

I’ve been pointing out for the last couple of months, however, that there’s one major problem with this member of the Bush family: like his father and brother, Jeb isn’t a conservative, but a corporatist.

Corporatist policies may be “conservative” every now and then, but overall they’re anything but. They’re anti-free markets (they fear competition) and anti-small government (they need handouts and costly deals with the federal government). When a corporatist like Jeb wins, Big Business will use Big Government to enrich itself. The only people who profit from that are members of the establishment — people like the Bushes. As far they’re concerned, the rest of the country — the conservative base included — can to go to hell.

One of the main tools corporatists use to enrich themselves while destroying the country is mass immigration…