Liberty and the right to discriminate

In a free society do pubs or hotels have the right to turn away gays, or blacks, or Jews? UKIP and James Delingpole oppose prejudice but believe people should have the right to discriminate. We think they are wrong and that you can derive anti-discrimination legislation from impeccably libertarian principles

happens when a free society has to decide whether one person has a right to discriminate against another, particularly where religious and lifestyle sensibilities intervene?

The short answer is this: an almighty row. That was what transpired on Twitter and other social media yesterday when Alexandra Swann published a piece on The Commentator entitled UKIP’s Christian Soldiers.

Swann’s piece was a critique of a recent policy announcement by UKIP which appears to allow for discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere when Christian religious beliefs clash with homosexuality.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    It’s very difficult to go against the “programming” that all of us have received continuously, and in ever increasing doses over the last 70-years.
    I think the final answer is reciprocity and greatly loosening what qualifies as a prosecutable homicide.
    Okay, maybe I’m a little fuzzy on the second point, but I’m absolutely confidant on the first.
    Some groups just don’t do well without very strong social or legal controls placed upon them. The middle east is a fine example of that, or as I like to say in one of my many foreign policy axioms, ‘not every country is Canada’ (from a US foreign policy perspective). What that means is not that we just bully Canada around, but our President can pick up the phone and talk the problem over with Canada’s PM, and we will reach a resolution that is satisfactory to both nation states. We don’t have to worry about Canadian terrorists that say “eh”, and Ottawa doesn’t have to worry about an several mechanized armor divisions rolling into Ottawa for a ‘régime change’.
    You just can’t deal with the Taliban or ISIS or Nazi Germany like that, as not all population groups or countries will organically form ordered, safe, fair, and law abiding societies.
    You can’t TREAT everyone the same as long as everyone is NOT the same.
    Like I said, reciprocity.