World Bulletin: Hijab ban forces Turkey out of European Wushu championship

Men participating in wushu. Looks pretty rough for women.

Turkey will not participate in any event organized by the European Wushu Federation because of its alleged ban on women wearing headscarves, a senior official of Turkey’s Wushu Federation said Wednesday.

“In 2014, we did not take along women athletes from Turkey to the championship, but this year we have decided not to attend the event itself,” Abdurrahman Akyuz, Turkish official of the International Wushu Federation, told The Anadolu Agency.

Akyuz said that the decision was made in protest after the European Wushu Federation ruled that sportswomen wearing headscarves could not take part in the competition.

“We, as Turkey, do not recognize the European Wushu Federation anymore and declared it to the International Wushu Federation,” he added.

Also, he said that Italy and France too had decided to stay out of the European Wushu Federation over what it said was “maladministration” reasons…

WTF is Wushu? I had to look it up.