Public Safety Canada suspends Muslim “security” Adviser Hussein Hamdani due to security risk

From the French at TVA – Note I have found no coverage of this in the English language MSM


“A federal advisor for issues affecting the Muslim community and terrorism was a member of Islamist organizations , which raises serious questions, learned VAT News.

Hussein Hamdani, lawyer, self-proclaimed moderate Muslim activist, a member since 2005 on the Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security, a body that advises Ottawa, including terrorism cases.

“The kind of people on whom we can rely for advice and enlightened views,” said recently the Minister of Justice of Canada, before a Senate committee.

Hamdani began to campaign from the university in the Muslim Student Association, founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a guide for activists MSA Hussein Hamdani wrote in 1996 that the MSA sections must “Islamize” the policy of their respective campuses. It is the duty of the MSA to bring morality on campus. For example, same-sex marriages should be declared immoral.

Get a load of this double speak:

“These allegations are very troubling. The membership of this individual to the Cross-Cultural Roundtable on National Security was immediately suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. Although issues around that individual links with radical Islamism have circulated for some time, it was expected that it might have a positive influence in promoting Canadian values ​​within the Muslim community. It is now clear that this may not have been the case, “said a spokesman for the Minister Steven Blaney.

Translation: We knew he was a Radical but we were too afraid to offend Muslims.

Point De Bascule has more…

  • Martin B

    When will the clowns who appointed this terrorist sympathizer be suspended? Aren’t you glad they’re looking out for your safety and security?

    • eMan14

      My thoughts exactly. Which enlightened Muslims chose this enlightened Muslim?

    • Nothing surprises me anymore, our government is the enemy.

      The same clowns that invited Muslims to colonize us appoint radicals to protect us?

      That is normal in their world.

      • FactsWillOut

        The article should have been called “Media and Blogger pinch-hitting for CSIS and RCMP”.

  • FactsWillOut

    “Conservative Government” is an oxymoron.
    Personal ethics are based upon morality.
    Corporate ethics are based upon accountability.
    Government ethics is an oxymoron.

  • Mohamsandwich

    Muslims in positions of government and law enforcement is treason. Period. A wolf in wolf’s clothing, this clown, if ever I saw one.

  • truthdareisay

    Good Lord.. so who’s the next Muslim advisor that Canada goes to for advice which will be outed as a MB or worse member?

    • FactsWillOut

      Justin Trudeau?

      • Canada do better

        Just in The Door
        Just got his foot in The Door
        Just got his foot mangled in The Door
        I slam med The Door
        Twenty years of steadily infiltrating the West, and his leg just went “ccccrrrraacckkkkk!!!”.

  • SDMatt

    Michael Coren had this guy on his old CTS show all the time, Elias “2 minutes and we start shooting” Hazineh on his old CTS show all the time . . .

    Man he really could pick his Muslim guests.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Just think of it! He’s a lawyer, he’s a muslim, he lives in Hamilton.Are we SCREWED!

  • moraywatson

    Newsflash! “Moderate fox removed from hen-house security panel!”

    • simus1

      Wonder who thought it all made sense?
      The promotion whores in the civil service or the vote whores in politics?
      Or both?

      • moraywatson


  • cmh