Jihad Experts Warn against UN-Recommended Refugee Dump in the West

Syrian refugees in Bulgaria

A week ago, a United Nations “expert” on migrant right insisted that wealthy nations take one million Syrian refugees, and he also allowed that the number could be increased later. And by “rich countries” he means Europe and America, not say, ultra-wealthy Saudi Arabia which would be a more culturally appropriate destination.

UN expert: rich countries must take in 1 million refugees to stop boat deaths, UK Guardian, April 22, 2015

[François] Crépeau also defended “economic migrants”, many who try to come to Europe and developed countries from sub-Saharan Africa. They were “people who may not be in need of protection but are desperate for a future because there’s no job for them anywhere near their country”.

This is how the United Nations thinks: the West exists to be a flophouse for billions of the world’s poor or displaced people, even if they are historical enemies of the people who live here. All the jihad activity tearing up the Middle East now is the normal behavior of Islam throughout its history: religious war is how north Africa and the Middle East were turned from Christian to Muslim. We see the traditional tactics of jihad every day on the news — mass murder, terror, intimidation, threats, kidnapping, beheading ad nauseum.

And many of the illegal alien boat people headed north to Europe are hostile Muslims…

Furthermore, many of them are not even Syrians: they are just sub-Saharans looking for work — a source that won’t dry up in our lifetimes.

  • An invitation to chaos, only the UN could come up something so stupid.

    • occupant 9

      I think a good rule of thumb is that chaos to us is justice to them.

  • Rosenmops

    So if people can’t get a job in their home country they have a right to come to our country — that is what this UN idiot is saying. What are we supposed to do with all the people who were born here who can’t get jobs?

    • Martin B

      When you have a cushy job-for-life with the UN like Monsieur Crapeau, you don’t need to bother with piddling details like that.

      • WE really have to Nuke the UN.

        • The Goat

          I’d settle for defund.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    How much is enough?
    Right about the time all free countries look like Ethiopia?

    The judgement of the UN should not be trusted as long as the bulk of the UN is made up of countries that manufacture so much misery, and so many refugees.
    It’s like going to a drug cartel for advice on kicking your drug addiction. Let’s just say that their interests don’t coincide with ours.

    • Worse than Ethipoia.

    • occupant 9

      The “proper” way of things, UN-style, is for “our” way to make way.

      For those that hate us, our security and prosperity is a great humiliation to them. That we might raise our young without fear is just one of a number of great injustices they seek to remedy.

      Why else would it be considered sane to replicate Mogadishu in every nation on earth?

      Until the free realize we are at war, we will continue to suffer every violent village idiot and their first cousin wives … and extended family reunification until, well, we reach some form of equalibrium where everywhere is equally dangerous, and security of person and property a thing of the pre-multicultural past.

  • Gettingby

    So after every country agrees to take in their allotted share the refugees will stop hiring smugglers to reach the promised land. Five years later, after absorbing a million, maybe more (lol), the need will suddenly just disappear. No, if the west agrees they will be forced to absorb 1.5-2 million on top of those that sneak in and in five years there will be five or six million more waiting. The countries and parties producing these refugees need to be held accountable, perhaps WHITE oversight is needed since white societies seem to be the destination of choice. We must have done something right!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …all we’ll get is their f***-ups and idiots. Castro tried the same stunt. Those dirtball countries will empty their prisons onto us, f.f.s….

  • marty_p

    Canadian election 2015 Justin Turdeau Liberal campaign pledge – if Liberal Govt gets elected they will pass a new law that any homeowner with a spare bedroom must take in and house a Mo refugee,