• David Murrell

    Someone has to explain to me the top photo. The bottom photo shows that IS society is sick to the core. Don’t see photos like that by the media cartel. Such a photo would hurt multicultural feelings.

    • The Daily Mail did publish the bottom photo, the top photo is ISIS killing balloons.

    • mobuyus

      In the top photo there can be seen many pink shirts and pink turbans and a pink balloon. I also notice lots of boys but no little girls. This is obviously some sort of islamic gay pride festival, even if they don’t know it. It is what it is, very very gay.

  • John

    Geez they’re so savage.

  • WalterBannon

    why have we not yet nuked these barbarians

    • Dave

      And terrorize obama’s extended family? Tsk, tsk,
      Damn, I lost the sarcasm button again.