‘I lied to my partner… please humiliate and abuse me’

A Sydney man has been publicly shamed at a train station for reportedly committing adultery.

Wearing a milk crate over his head, the alleged cheater stood with a sandwich board as he invited passersby to throw eggs at him.

‘I lied to my partner. I broke my commitments. I am a hypocrite,’ his sign read.

‘If you have ever been hurt by a man… please humiliate and abuse me.’

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Bah….this guy’s not fooling anybody! He’s a masochist with an egg fetish who doesn’t wanna shell out for a dominatrix.

    • I think so;)

    • Clink9

      Only another masochist with an egg fetish that doesn’t want to shell out for a dominatrix would know that! I’m not judging though.

      • Uncle_Waspy

        Ha! Shows what you know, Clink….my fetish is Mahtza balls.