Germans can insult police, court rules

Germans have the right to insult the police, the country’s constitutional court has ruled – as long as it’s not aimed at specific officers.

The court upheld an appeal by a woman who was sentenced to 15 hours’ community service for wearing a badge bearing the slogan “FCK CPS”.

The judges overturned the verdict of the lower court, ruling that the woman was protected by the right to free speech.

“Displaying the letters ‘FCK CPS’ in a public space is not in itself punishable, because of the basic right to freedom of expression,” they wrote in a unanimous verdict.

  • mobuyus

    This sentiment in North America I abhor, however in Europe the cops are in cahoots with the jihadis so fuck those fucking cops.

    • FactsWillOut

      The OPP are in Cahoots with Wynn and the wahoos.

      • Justin St.Denis

        They sure are. And because the Ontario Police Association financially backed Wynne’s election campaign, everyone now KNOWS that political policing is real. This has served only to undermine the public’s view of police as a neutral law enforcement agency – especially among conservatives and, strangely enough, the far Left. I no longer have ANY trust in the “men/women in blue” but especially the “women in blue”. Our car is fully equipped with video/voice recording technology which we automatically use whenever we are delayed by any of officialdom’s salaried representatives (i.e. border employees, police, municipal traffic cops, you name it). It wasn’t always this way. I have a very “establishment” background and a very “establishment” career. But times have changed, the grievance industry has taken centre stage, and social fascism is the new normal. CYA is very important these days – more important than ever. So are firearms skills, but I digress. 😉

  • tom_billesley

    “FCK JDGS”

  • pop

    FCK cups?

  • Islam Is a Crock

    Surely if a woman is given the legal ok to wear a badge that says “FCK CPS” , then cops are legally allowed to have sex with her??

  • moraywatson