England: Nearly 4000 Instances Of Female Genital Mutilation Identified Since September 2014

Like a 3rd world country. Funny how our government doesn’t publish such information, they must all be racists.

Here’s the full report, or read it from the link below, break outs here.

The full report on FGM in Britain


FGM Great Britain

  • eMan14

    And feminists worldwide will protest strong and loud…. no, sorry my mistake. It was really the steadfast expansion of silence.

  • tom_billesley

    It couldn’t be happening in North America – mahometans there are different from the mahometans in Europe.

  • Rosen Otter

    That’s fine, but 1) the study is of cases discovered, not of where they occurred, so they may have happened elsewhere. 2) there are nonMuslim African cultures which also practice FGM. Since the cases have nearly all been discovered by obstetricians or gynecologists, chances are they occurred years before they were discovered..