Children banned from trip to Devon mosque after parents object over ‘safety’ concerns

A spokesman for the Muslim Council of Great Britain said they were concerned by the views of some of the parents Photo: SWNS

Children as young as eight have been banned by their parents from attending a school religious education trip to a British mosque over “safety” fears.

Around 100 primary pupils were due to go on the trip as an opportunity for pupils in Year Three to Six to learn about different faiths.

Lostwithiel School, in Cornwall, said the trip to the mosque in Exeter, Devon, was part of an RE learning exercise.

They were due to visit a cathedral before touring the mosque, where they would observe a congregational prayer and be able to ask questions.

The school said the pupils would observe the appropriate dress code, taking off their shoes before they entered the mosque and wearing trousers and long sleeves.

But around ten pupils were pulled from the trip after parents said they had “grave concerns” about the teaching of Islam…

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The head publicly humiliated a group of children whose parents thought there might be a safety risk in letting them be subjected to this propaganda or being in Muslim environments, and with the mass rapes by Muslims in Rotherham and mass murders by Muslims involved in ISIS most firmly in the front of our minds you can well see why the parents are worried…