Canadian plane delivers aid to Nepal, picks up whiny passengers

“…Canadians complained that they were evacuated to Delhi, where they had to pay for their own hotels and flights back home. Nearly 200 European citizens, by contrast, were evacuated to Belgium on a pair of flights. Communication from Canadian officials had been so poor that some Canadians didn’t know they had the option to evacuate Wednesday, said Simon, a 23-year-old recent microbiology graduate from Montreal, who declined to give his surname.

But anger against Canada seemed exclusive to Canadians. Others saw heroes in the Maple Leaves. Canada let 33 Americans onto the evacuation flight Wednesday night, among them Ted Smith, 35, and Dominique Arellano, 30, who were in Nepal as part of a long vacation.

The U.S. typically declines to take people out of places where commercial flights are available – and numerous airlines are flying regularly scheduled service into Kathmandu. So the couple were thrilled at the free flight out on the Canadian C-17, snapping pictures and selfies as they took seats inside the cavernous aircraft. “I love Canada!” said Ms. Arellano.”

  • Waffle

    You gotta wonder just how many people were influenced by this song:

    • All of em;)

      • simus1

        Two hours of Bob Seger?
        Yes, reschedule all remaining appointments. I don’t care.
        Yes, this IS important. “Take all those old rec ………”

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          That’s a damned wedding song.
          I worked weddings for twenty years.
          I hate it.

          • simus1

            Just kidding.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The U.S.A.F. found out back in the 1970’s that unless the area they were providing relief to has an undamaged major airport that wasn’t already being utilized, that their operational footprint was so large that it was more efficient to give the locals what they needed to get the job done themselves, rather than the U.S.A.F. doing everything.

  • Waffle

    Just read the Globe and Mail story. When the hell did we raise such an entitled bunch of little sh**ts? The Comments are interesting — almost everyone feels the same way I do. Some of them are recommending that adventure-seekers have travel insurance. I agree that this is a wise move, but I wonder if travel insurance covers “acts of G-d” and this is certainly one of them. Usually there is a disclaimer stating that the insurance does not.

    • simus1

      They should be left to make their own way, go feral if need be.
      Bunch of crybaby assholes.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Did ya see how the ungrateful bastards got on national tv before anyone who was thankful? Ist. impressions work!

  • Look- if a First World country like Japan can be crumbled by an earthquake, a Third World country like Nepal doesn’t stand a chance of getting its act together in a week.

    Just like the idiots who smuggle drugs in southeast Asia, these whiners have no ruddy idea what they are getting into.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    If you put yourself in danger get out on your dime.