Canadian plane delivers aid to Nepal, picks up whiny passengers

“…Canadians complained that they were evacuated to Delhi, where they had to pay for their own hotels and flights back home. Nearly 200 European citizens, by contrast, were evacuated to Belgium on a pair of flights. Communication from Canadian officials had been so poor that some Canadians didn’t know they had the option to evacuate Wednesday, said Simon, a 23-year-old recent microbiology graduate from Montreal, who declined to give his surname.

But anger against Canada seemed exclusive to Canadians. Others saw heroes in the Maple Leaves. Canada let 33 Americans onto the evacuation flight Wednesday night, among them Ted Smith, 35, and Dominique Arellano, 30, who were in Nepal as part of a long vacation.

The U.S. typically declines to take people out of places where commercial flights are available – and numerous airlines are flying regularly scheduled service into Kathmandu. So the couple were thrilled at the free flight out on the Canadian C-17, snapping pictures and selfies as they took seats inside the cavernous aircraft. “I love Canada!” said Ms. Arellano.”