Canada’s Military Too “Butch” Says Report

Sexual misconduct is “endemic” in the Canadian military, former Supreme Court justice Marie Deschamps says in a searing report released today.

Gen. Tom Lawson, chief of defence staff, called the report disturbing and said the Canadian Armed Forces’ ability to work well depends on trust.

  • David Murrell

    Yup. theleft-wing judge wants more LBG2QTRG rights in Canada’s military. Can you see transvestite in combat? The report is getting a big play on CBC News.

    • Oh Yea, they will want a Tranny Commissar in every unit.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Apparently, certain parents are raising their children as transgendered JUST to take advantage of the soon-to-be-announced impossible-to-reach quotas for transgendered military personnel. There will simply not be enough transgendered Canadians to fill all the positions reserved for them in the military, the civil service, the political ranks, broadcasting, entertainment etc.

        Since less than .013% of Canada’s population is transgendered, efforts will be undertaken to increase that to AT LEAST 5% in order to fulfill the future burgeoning market for transgendered persons in workplaces.

        Some argue that, given the 40% suicide attempt rate of transgendered people, the percentage should be increased to 10%, and some say even 15%.

        So, if you are of childbearing years, consider raising your next baby girl as a boy from birth, or your baby boy as a girl. It’s fun and challenging, and the government will provide all kinds of neat freebies to you, too! And tax breaks! It’s fun, it’s easy, and it PAYS OFF big time if your little snowflake doesn’t kill itself before age 30.

        Get on the TRANSGENDER KIDDIE FREIGHT TRAIN. It’s the future!!!

  • ontario john

    I’m so glad I’m retired from the military. The cbc and the ndp are on full blown rant about the plight of women and homosexuals in the military. I know, lets have pride parades on all bases, and bring back those courses on how not to be violent in the infantry.

    • That’d be swell.

    • Justin St.Denis

      It makes me puke. There really is no place for “out” gays in the military. And there is very little room for women in most military ops. Women were the biggest pain in the arse during my time in the military, that’s for sure. And after raising a family, I learned to dislike most women in education as well. Women are among the main reasons for bloated ranks of the civil service in most countries I am familiar with.

  • HalcyonDaze

    More politically correct social engineering by some half wit socialist femnazi who never spent a day in uniform and wouldn’t know anything about the real Canadian military culture if it reached up and bit her in her pompous ass.

    Or, is this just another case of penis envy by some bitch who happened to read the NBC article “U.S. military faces historic tipping point on rape epidemic” and in true leftard fashion automatically projected it onto the Canadian Military.

    • Both.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I have a bitch sister-in-law who is a lawyer and I have to listen to this kind of shit at family events maybe twice a year. Since about 2000, I usually end up telling her in a POLITE and CONVERSATIONAL tone of voice that she should “shut the fuck up and go find a cock to suck you psychobitch twat” or something along that colourful line. She actually likes me despite people telling her I am quite serious when I say she is the stupidest hag I’ve ever known. She gave me a bottle of Givenchy cologne for Christmas! How’s that for stupid?

  • HalcyonDaze

    And for the record I had the privilege of sailing with numerous females and gays, even before they were allowed out of the closet at no time did I ever see, rapes, sexual assaults or harassment on the scale she is claiming. The only difference for the women was that they were treated the same as the males but with the obvious exceptions of their own mess decks, heads and washplaces. The gays just didn’t say anything and nobody asked.

    But, here’s a better idea. Rather than change the military to suit this twits view of the world why doesn’t she just recommend reverting things back to the last century and stop women from serving in environments that they shouldn’t be in. No women no rape of women. Simplest solution.

    • Ron MacDonald

      I spent 23 years in the navy. When I was at Mill Cove in the early 1970’s the navy broke up a large group of lesbians from Shelburne, Stadacona and Mill Cove. None were kicked out, they were simply posted to different parts of the country. When I was on the Assiniboine in the mid the 1970’s one member of the weapons department was gay, no one cared. He never bothered any member of the crew and was well liked. He wasn’t the effeminate type and would piss it up with the guys. Also in the seventies the CO of Fraser, I won’t mention his name, tried to pick up a member of another ship’s ships company while in Montreal and got the shit kicked out of him. He was flown home and released, I’m not sure if the guy who punched him out was punished. We had an incident when I was on the Restigouche in the early 1980’s where the roundsman on his very first duty watch onboad ship caught two guys going at it in the stoker’s mess and reported it to the OOD. Both these individuals were immediately removed from the ship. By the 1970’s, the navy only released gays and lesbians if they were harassing other members. Those that were involved in consenting relationships were usually posted to an opposite coast when discovered.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Nothing but a bunch of crap.

  • c w

    I know many service people in the Canadian Armed Forces(sorry paul hellier), they are from all parts of the crazy world we civilians create. Not one has told me that they had any problems. But if someone says too butch, well that is a woman’s problem not a man’s problem and one might think they would use the levers of the command structure to deal with it, unless there is some uber lesbian with a general’s rank who is stopping all of the complaints. I cant imagine private rugby player getting away with sexually assaulting captain iron gonads.

  • Edubeat

    General Sir Bernard Montgomery the 21st Corps fieldmarshall (WW2 CDN 1st & 2nd Divs.) refused under any circumstances to allow women a role in combat arms. He was right. Now we have some brainless peacenik judge trying to impose her will on our already over regulated armed forces. You have to wonder if any of these morons have ever read a history book)

    • Justin St.Denis

      Too true.