Calgary boy, 11, detained by security at Lego Store for committing the modern-day crime of being alone

Tadgh Dunlop is 11-years-old and, like a lot of kids his age, he loves Lego. He loves its nuances, and how the different pieces fit with the different sets, and he loves shopping for Lego, alone, with the permission of his parents.

But at the Lego Store in Calgary’s Chinook Centre that’s a big problem. Young Tadgh, whose house is exactly 4.8 kilometres from the Lego Store door, hopped on his bike with $200 in his pocket on a recent day and pedaled off to the mall to get some Lego.

Soon after his father, Doug, received a phone call from the store. Tadgh had been detained by store security. His crime? Shopping without Mom or Dad.