Arabs from Saudi Arabia to Iraq Voice Support for Israel

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen… These may not be countries you would expect to feature in a pro-Israel campaign.

Even in Egypt and Jordan, which have treaties with Israel, you’re not likely to find much pro-Israel sentiment among the general public – at least not in public

However, a recent poll of the Arab world, released last month, revealed something surprising: unlike their elders, young Arabs are increasingly abandoning the paradigm of Israel as the root of all evil. The Arab Youth Survey showed that faith in that doctrine, which has long-dominated the Arab discourse, is being eroded, as a new generation with access to information beyond the “official” channels which dominated life before the social media age takes stock of the challenges it faces – from ISIS to dictatorships to unemployment – none of which have anything to do with Israel.

h/t Avi

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    “I’d like to send a message of peace and love to Israel and its dear citizens. I know it is surprising that a Saudi Arabian citizen sends a message to the people of Israel, but it is a basic principle of democracy that everyone is free to voice an opinion. I hope the Arabs will be sensible like me and recognize the fact that Israel also has rights to the lands of Palestine, or the Holy Land.””’
    Is this believable or should we take it with a grain of salt?
    I know that 30 years ago my supervisor in Israel was Arab (Muslim/Christian???) and he badly wanted to join the IDF. I have no idea if that happened, but I do know that he and some other closet pro-Israeli Arabs exist. I don’t imagine they’re all that keen in showing their sentiment and identity.

    • k1962

      It would be great if this were true. Israel certainly does plenty of humanitarian work and other good deed throughout the world and if the message is getting out, maybe opinions are changing among the people who matter. Those in the West on the left on the other hand still cling to their anti-Jewish hate.

      • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

        I agree with you.