Why Baltimore: An American Tragedy

Who wasn’t hugely depressed watching the non-stop coverage of the Baltimore riots Monday night? So sad. How has it come to this? We’re back in Watts, only it’s five decades later !

Well, it’s not exactly the same. It was white businesses that were trashed in Watts — this time they were black ones. And there was another, even more important, difference…

Commentators were repeatedly asking, where are the parents? Ben Carson — the neurosurgeon, potential Republican presidential candidate and onetime Baltimore resident — urged the city’s parents “Please, take care of your children.”

Great idea, but here’s the problem. They don’t have ‘em.

  • jayme

    There are a couple concerning things the first some have this idea they have been hard done by so they have the right to loot and burn buildings but the other big issue is they feel the state needs to give them goodies.

    • They are the welfare states children.

    • k1992

      I agree with both your concerns. I personally followed the link to “Dead Aid” and watched a video by its author, Dambiso Moyo, where she argues (as I presume she does in her book) that giving billions to Africa in handouts is NOT helping them, but rather actually harming the majority of Africans.
      ( https://youtu.be/pXWIUg30Cpk )

      Interesting parallel with the general “handouts to African Americans” model that has been advocated by so many for so long. And I guess the principal argument against any of these sorts of handouts is that they discourage initiative, hard work and independence on the part of their recipients. Hmm, a bit like the welfare model, come to think of it….

      • Africa has long been a sinkhole, it’s welfare – but with countries.

  • marty_p

    Find and download the old NBC TV series Homicide Life on the Street which was set in Baltimore. Those of us who watched it knew “Balto” was a sh*t hole before all of the latest.

    • jayme

      I was near Baltimore around 15 years ago and asked some local is it worth the trio to go into Baltimore they said no at that time the crime was even worse then it is now.

  • Hard Little Machine

    People are acting like there hasn’t been a dully elected black mayor and city council, a mostly black police force and tons of Federal aid that would make a third world nation blush. Baltimore isn’t teetering because of some exogenous event albeit I’m sure the progressives will weigh in it’s all because global warming. It’s not a ‘tragedy’ any more than the last two people alive on Easter Island eyed one another as that last meal. These are the decisions some societies make. And they continue to make bad decisions unto extinction even when they know that’s how it ends.

  • Why Baltimore?

    It’s not just Baltimore. Look at Detroit and others.

    When government hand outs encourage and create social dysfunction, expect more.