Turkey: Islamist newspaper ‘proud’ of not knowing The Beatles

Uninformed high school students, getting ready for May Day protests, says Islamist paper

A columnist of an Islamist newspaper in Turkey, which recently confused The Beatles with Turkish high school students after misunderstanding a protest poster, has said the daily is proud of its ignorance about the British music legends.

“Say we do not know who The Beatles are… For us, this is a matter of pride, not ignorance,” daily Vahdet columnist Fatih Akkaya wrote on April 29.

Daily Vahdet had claimed on April 27 that an umbrella group which had helped organize the Gezi Park protests in 2013 was now after “a fresh provocation for May Day.”

“Gezi activists, who are calling the youth to the streets on May Day, hung posters in several neighborhoods of Istanbul and wrote slogans on walls,” daily Vahdet claimed, adding one of the posters featured “uniformed high school students.”

The May Day poster in question, however, featured the Beatles’ iconic “jump photo” from the cover of their album “Twist and Shout” and not Turkish high school students.

Vahdet did not correct its story, but one of its columnists slammed other newspapers that mocked its “ignorance” about The Beatles…