The Toronto Star actually thinks terrorist Omar Khadr should get the Order of Canada

This is not a joke.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The answer to that one is quite easy.
    Omar Khadr killed an American, and a soldier (Army medic) at that.
    That’s a two-fer with this crowd.
    The like what he did! They agree with it!
    Let’s go back a dozen years and read an article actually printed by the Toronto Star. Excuse me while I bathe in expatriate Democrat tears.

    “Toronto Star
    Oct. 15, 2003. 01:00 AM”

    “Toronto the intolerant
    Anti-Americanism is a fact of life in our city and it’s getting hard to be a U.S.
    Democrat here, says Jacqueline Swartz
    Anti-Americanism is a fact of daily life for Americans living in Toronto.

    The slurs aren’t always directed at U.S. foreign policy, but at Americans in general, as in, “That’s so American.” Like most prejudice, this one is coded: “American” has come to mean pushy, self-promoting, and arrogant.

    Oh yes, and fat. It’s getting worse.
    Every encounter, every b**** elevator conversation, every talk show, carries the risk of a barb, a stereotype.

    Americans, I heard at a party just last week are “individualistic” (translation: greedy, out for yourself) and imperialistic – they want to conquer the world. Isn’t it amazing that we’re not supposed to mind?

    At meetings of Democrats Abroad, a group affiliated with the U.S. Democratic party,
    which tries to help register U.S. Democrats to vote absentee, I have seen people fuming at this basso continuo of insult and prejudice.

    “I get it day in and day out – and it’s so ignorant,” says Denise, a Toronto teacher.

    Anti-Americanism, she continues, is encouraged here. “It shows you’re a loyal Canadian, that you’re smart.” Sadly, she says, it often infects her friendships with Canadians. “You might feel you have a lot in common with someone, and then they say something insulting without apology.”

    Peter, a writer, imagined Canada as a tolerant, compassionate society.
    Then he started living here.
    “If the same kind of expressions were directed at people from other parts of the world, it would be considered racism,” he says.

    Canadians, he points out, complain that their country scarcely registers on the U.S. radar screen.
    “But there’s a lack of appreciation in Canada for the diversity and complexity
    in America.
    Stereotyping denies people a basic human right, which is to be considered a person, not a cartoon.”
    Has anyone been to Manhattan – or San Francisco or Los Angeles or umpteen other U.S. cities?

    Of course, at Democrats Abroad get-togethers, the venting is mostly about other things: the Bush administration, its frightening first-strike foreign policy, its “deja voodoo” economics.

    Yet these gripes carry anguish, betrayal, indignation;
    Canadians are content to gloat.

    Where does this infantile anti-Americanism come from?
    Is it a by-product of the Canadian inferiority complex – English Canadian, that is, for none of this is a problem in French Canada, among Francophones or Anglophones. Is the put down of Americans, the main route to Canadian identity?

    It’s hard to understand this toxic brew of shaky sanctimony spiked with envy and resentment. Some Americans have given up trying – they’re planning to go back to the U.S.A.

    Others, whose families and careers have taken root here, have come to feel more American after years of not thinking much about it.
    This has a lot to do with the defining event of our young century: the attacks on the
    U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001.

    If anyone doubted that Americans were different from Canadians, that day seared
    the message into our collective skin.
    Americans were attacked – because they were Americans.
    In the sombre aftermath of those events, we sought other Americans, for only they
    could understand.

    That feeling remains, no matter how sickeningly President George Bush has exploited the events of 9/11. Bush, the man Democrats call the Resident of the White House, used Sept. 11 to push his indefensible attack on Iraq.

    And, guess what, we were against it. But that didn’t make us any more acceptable to Canadians.
    What about all those Canadians who spoke out against the frenzy of hate towards the U.S. during the buildup to the attack on Iraq?

    Let’s be clear – the attitude of those people reflected support for the war against Iraq. Cheered on by the likes of Ralph Klein and Ernie Eves, they were part of a small but vociferous pro-war pep rally.
    They were no allies of mine, or of the Democrats I knew.
    But I felt equally out of place at the anti-war rallies in Toronto.

    There was that knee-jerk anti-Americanism, the kind that closes its eyes to the existence of passionate, articulate critics of the war who live south of the border,
    of dissenting magazines, newspaper columnists, public radio and TV outlets that are small compared to Fox but that reach millions, along with lively Internet sites like

    Even the current slate of contenders for the Democratic candidate for president has a front runner, Howard Dean, who owes his success to his attacks
    on current U.S. policies.

    But acknowledging such snowballing dissent in the U.S. makes many Canadian critics uncomfortable. It deprives them of the gratification of simple-minded, feel-good superiority.
    With the U.S. as the multi-use scapegoat, they don’t have to face their own problems, from pollution to ports, from too little affordable housing to too few people
    owning the media.

    As an American, I can, and do, criticize U.S. policies and leaders.
    But I cannot de-Americanize myself. Yet coming from America condemns you no matter what your political views are.

    Sure, if you say you never want to see the U.S. again, you express that kind
    of fatuous gratitude about living in Canada, you’ll be welcomed here with exuberant, U.S.-bashing arms.

    But to renounce your birth country is to lose your original sense of place; where you grew up, how it looked and smelled, the holidays.
    All that is part of you. It is your roots.
    Every other immigrant in Canada has a right to his or her roots.
    Why not Americans?”

    • Canada’s left are cheeseballs.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        That’s a charatible word for them. 🙂
        Down here, the cheeseballs are all we hear from, so until I found this site, I had just assumed those thoughts were universal.
        I’m happy to be more enlightened now.

        • Alain

          There are plenty more sites also confirming that our chattering class do not Canada represent. Until the birth of SNN we had no television media representing the majority of Canadians. Yes, there were blogs such as BCF and others but no main stream media. The National Post under Conrad Black was a lot more balanced and conservative, but after his departure it has been spiralling downwards as though they want to compete with the leftist Globe and Mail or even the Red Star. I should also point out that disagreeing at times with American foreign policy does not equate to anti-American in general. When we had Pierre Trudeau running Canada, he certainly did not represent the majority of Canadians any more than Obama does for the Americans. So foreigners taking his policies to task could not be simply labelled anti-Canadian. Heavens we even have enough of our own anti-Canadians that I call our chattering class or even neo-marxists. Anyway I am glad to found BCF and were able to discover that in many ways we are not that much different.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            do not Canada represent

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Alain walks into a bar.
            The bartender says, ‘Alain, we have a drink named after you.’
            Alain says, ‘You have a drink named Conservative Guy?’

        • Waffle

          When I lived in Dallas, I went to a couple of meetings organized by some kind of Texas-Canada friendship society and met people who had lived in Canada and thought it was heaven. The experience also served to make me more conscious of the myths and stereotypes we hold about each other.

        • FactsWillOut

          Love of freedom is universal.
          There are even Quebecois sites that cherish freedom.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I think you’re a Canadian Conservative at heart.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I think if I lived in Canada I would be one of those nutcases that lives in no-where-ville Alberta cheerfully ignoring the the nation’s long gun laws.
        Here if I need that kind of action, I can just borrow it from a half dozen different neighbors.
        Odd that.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          The long gun registry was abolished by the Conservatives.
          It was one of their promises.
          And they kept it.
          Conservatives keep their promises.
          Some people think they take too long.
          But, they get around to it.
          Keep electing Conservatives and they will get around to fixing a lot of things.

  • Edubeat

    Is there any reason why we can’t hand the Red Star some kind of IGnoble award

  • Gary

    Lets not forget about Susan G Cole as well that is a self-professed lesbian and jewish comedian that has yet to denounce the pro-hamas groups that marched in PRIDE while hamas was in Gaza murdering gays, sanctioning child-bride pedophilia and using women and children as suicide-bombers.
    She WILL NOT attack islam or the misogynistic Imams that want all females in Niqabs and at home making babies , she doesn’t denounce iran murdering 4000+ gays and counting , not does she show outrage at ISIS tossing Brown male gays off buildings.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder along with a common self-hatred as we see for Obama that isn’t white enough or Black enough to take sides, he’s too rich and privileged to feel the pain of the poor, and he the President of the nation he hates for being racist yet non-whites flock to the USA as refugees .
    Obama hates what he stands for and wants to destroy society while also causing great harm to Blacks by his immigration scam to let in over 15 million Brown illegals and 100,000 muslims as month that will get more money and benefits that Blacks from a 5th generation family .

    I won’t be shocked if Omar gets a few Muslims Police Officers to plot a car bombing in a jewish community by using the Police cruiser to fill with explosives drive up to the Temple during prayers and go jihad.
    Omar may also find Muslims in the TTC to aid in a bomb plot because the guy from last years Al quds rally was a hard core jew hating msulims caught on video and so far Bob Kinnear has yet to tell us if this bigot thugs will keep his job among the other bigots and anti-canada goons in the Diversity scam to fill quota’s.
    Hey, maybe Omar will go into the CBC studio with a bomb strapped to himself and make rice pudding of these CBC parasites and dolts that love Hamas and islamists. So it’s not all bad news.