Shortage of Toronto daycare spots is a myth

Hard data from the City of Toronto’s own website shows that contrary to what many insist, there are numerous vacancies in institutional daycare facilities.

Brian Lilley of talks to Andrea Mrozek of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, who also explains why the progressive definition of “daycare” differs greatly from that of many Canadian parents.

  • Waffle

    The one thing I just love about leftards is that never let facts get in the way of a good narrative (sarc. off) 😉

  • DMB

    I have a nephew and niece who are 3 and 1 years of age and between myself and my parents who are their grandparents we proudly babysit them. However in today’s society the left wants people to believe that only government operated daycare facilities are the only acceptable form of childcare there is. I believe the family is and always should be the primary care givers of children so if both parents need to work there should be grandparents, aunts, uncles or other relatives available to provide care for young children. If that is not possible then close friends or even a trusted privately operated caregiver such as a neighbor who cares for handful of children in their own home. A government operated daycare facility were children can be indoctrinated in leftist propaganda should be the LAST place young children should be left to be cared for.

    • Gary

      We don’t need a future Ben Levin working for the Liberals to produce another homoerotic sex-ed guide for Gov run day care centre’s . They will also make 99% of the toddlers feel like outcasts for not having same-gender parents or trans brothers and sisters.
      Now that Chief Blair has shown his true colours to chum up the Trudeau who was ta the PRIDE parade with Wynne and Ben Levin, it all makes sense for why the Gay Cops on duty refused to enforce the Federal Laws that protected children for the naked TNT males with frontal nudity which bordered on Pedophilia.
      Liberalism is a mental disorder where the victims are numb to the harm they do to the same people they claim they are helping.
      The TDSB told students that the PRIDE parade was a Family event they should go to , PRIDE is also sponsored by CAMH….the same CAMH that now wants to normalize pedophilia as a mental illness from birth andn ot a crime until a child is harmed.

      These are some really sick bastards in power that sexualize children early and condone misogyny , homophobia and pedophilia/child-abuse for some Minority groups wanting a Charter Right protection .

  • Frau Katze

    There’s a big push by the unions to unionize all daycare workers. My daughter-in-law (who works in the field) told me about it.

    • Chris

      Of course there is, it is the sole reason for the constant yammering by the Libs and Dippers. “How do you increase your vote base 101” – create high pay, high benefit, high pension, no accountability jobs!

  • dukestreet

    Parents should be able to access child care of their choice of care, not just government licensed day cares. At the same time, I have concerns about child care that is offered without any kind of inspections because, I have been involved with parents whose children were abused in unlicensed care. There has to be some way of managing more efficiently and providing appropriate safeguards,while making funds available according to the parent’s choice.

    My sister decided to stay home with her kids because she would be working just to pay for daycare. They cut back on expenditures to make it easier for her to not work. Once her kids were school age, she was free to choose to do what she wanted.

    Due to the developmental needs of infants,they should not be in group settings with more than family. Once children are 3 day care is OK.