Parents ban their children from joining primary school religious education trip to a mosque over ‘safety fears’

Parents ban their children from joining primary school religious education trip to a mosque over ‘safety fears’

  • Blacksmith

    Sanity from some parents, wow. There is nothing to be learned at a mosque by children of any age. Hate and intolerance should not be taught period and certainly not to children.

  • Waffle

    Be afraid. Be very afraid . . .

  • tinttin

    Lots of reasons.
    Pedophilic religion
    Bottoms up praying
    Misogynistic lurkers.

  • winniec

    Pedophiles? Bomb-making classes in the basement? Hostages?

  • pdxnag

    “This is the place where the head choppers learn that it is good to chop the heads off of non-Muslims, even kids like you.” (So sweet.)

  • J. C.

    Smart parents.

  • Kathy Nelson

    Congrats to the parents who care for their children’s safety above the stupidity of bureaucrats. I wonder how many islamic scum want their kids visiting a synagog or a church?

  • simus1

    This “visiting mosques” meme is so common with the in charge stupid cows that are now employed as lead public school teachers throughout the west that a cynical person might tend to start looking for handsome muslim boyfriends or bribes or both as the real incentive for their great interest in one particular religion.

  • LauraS

    Good for the parents. And I hope they sue the school administrators into poverty for traumatizing the kids during a school-wide assembly where they were made to stand and individually explain why they weren’t going on the trip. Disgusting. Reason #5,972 why I am sending my kids to private, Christian school.

    • I would like that to happen but I’m not feeling too hopeful.


  • When do these children go to Catholic churches or synagogues?

    Who organises such a trip?

    This was an exercise in indoctrination.

    • tom_billesley

      The kids would be asked to recite the Shahada. You can be sure of that.

      • Ignorant multiculturalists might be proud of that.

      • Minicapt

        Just explain, at the mosque, how the ‘Shahada’ is copied from the ‘Shema’.


  • Maggat

    Sounds like a smart move. People keep your children close, far away from islam and all the horrors it holds.

  • tom_billesley

    If they want the kids to meet some devout muslims they could take them on a visit to a jail instead.

  • Wee Jobby

    Are we finally seeing sense prevail? I live in the UK and hate that it’s becoming Islamicized. I’m an Atheist but I’ll stand by Christians on this issue.

  • Gary

    With the real-time terrorism and hatred between Shiite and Sunni muslims , i agree that it would be unsafe to send children there when it would be other muslims tipped off about it and raid the mosque to slaughter anyone they find there.
    Remember, allah has a provision for muslims that die as part of the Great Jihad where they go to paradise with Muhammed as martyr’s .
    That’s why islamic supremacy groups like CAIR stayed quiet about 9/11/01 when the mini-mosques in the WTC towers were destroyed along with qurans and muslims.
    CAIR knew that it was part of the Global Jihad for allah’s cause to create a Caliphate in the USA , the only time CAIR mentioned the dead muslims on 9/11 was when they backed the 15 storey Victory Mosque at ground zero to claim the attack for allah in the guise of building bridges to end islamophobia.
    Muslims in canada didn’t seem outraged when 5 muslim women were honour-killed for NOT wearing the Hijabs . This silence makes them complicit by-proxy along with the lack of protest marches after acts of terrorism by their warriors for allah.