Islamization of Canadian schools: Hamilton school board wastes your money to buy Hijabs for Muslims

  • tom_billesley

    They buying kippahs or dastars for the boys?

  • DMB

    I wonder if they’ll use their taxpayer subsidized hijabs for any extracurricular activities.

    • Why do I think all these kids will have cell phones.

  • Gary

    The money made by selling hijabs may end up funding jihadists just like the Halal Industrial Complex in Canada raises money and the Mosques that pretend they condemn Jihad and terrorism.
    There is another Mosque in a Public school because of the Ahmadi’s that demanded the gym be used on Friday’s since they dominated the school population.
    Barbara Hall, McGuinty/Wynne , and the TDSB approved these while at the same time they have push Christ out of the Schools and workplaces but now embrace islam for the votes and are too stupid to know that a noose awaits them once they have fulfilled their purpose as useful idiots that aided in spreading sharia law for the Caliphate one day.

  • Progressive Liberal

    That’s discrimination! They should be buying hijabs for all the females to wear.

    • kkruger71

      Oh, you know that will be highly likely at some point. Eventually some parent or player from another school will (or at least be accused) of muttering some phrase in the heat of the moment that could vaguely be construed as “racist” against one of the muslim players, and as a “teachable moment”, the other players will wear hijabs in support of their teammate.

  • ontario john

    Gee, is this the province where the Gideons can’t put New Testaments in schools anymore? Where is the atheist outrage about islam in schools

  • Waffle

    I really wish Ezra would get his facts straight — which he does most of the time — before shooting his mouth off.
    The hijab is NOT a veil — it’s a head-covering scarf, that’s worn presumably to connote modesty on the part of the wearer.
    Neither the hijab nor the niqab nor the chador are religious requirements. They serve several purposes. First and foremost to wear one in a secular society is a political statement and part of a movement to Islamize western society. Secondly, the wearer is saying that she accepts the presumed superiority of her father or her husband and his misogynistic tribal customs.
    To wear one while participating in a sports activity can be downright dangerous. In fact, getting on an escalator can be fatal as was demonstrated last year in Montreal. To raise and spend public money to perpetuate an outmoded tribal custom is an insult to our society.

    • Also, the money seems to be being raised by something called the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board Foundation, which “is a registered non-profit charity that raises funds in the private and business communities”. So this wouldn’t seem to be public money.

      • Justin St.Denis

        It remains nonetheless a tacit endorsement of Islam over and above other faiths in an allegedly secular school system.

  • cmh

    Full steam ahead now that Harper has shown he is not against the veil in Canada.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Will school-subsidized clit bobbing happen sooner than we expected?