“I love it”: NYC CVS employee supports destruction of chain’s Baltimore store during riots

Gavin McInnes’ “liberal brother Miles” went into a New York City CVS and talked to a clerk who “loved” the widely-reported destruction of a CVS in riot-torn Baltimore.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Every time I have to go to CVS to get a prescription filled I feel like burning the place down.

  • DMB

    It always amazes me that rioters always destroy and vandalize businesses, homes and property that is in the neighborhood they live in. Businesses were many in the local community work and try to earn a living off of, homes were the rioters neighbors or even their own family members live in and facilities that many in their own community require such as medical facilities. They never go to the wealthy and prestigious neighborhoods were they don’t live in. It’s as if they thrive in living in misery.

    • Frau Katze

      The looters are opportunistic. As for the vandals, who knows? Psychos who suddenly get their chance.

  • mauser 98

    parts of Baltimore never rebuilt after 1968 riots
    Nancy Pelosi’s brother was mayor then, total screw up