Georgia Teacher Forced to Retire for Telling Students That Obama Is Not a Christian

Dublin, Georgia, middle school teacher Nancy Perry will retire at the end of this school year, and chances are she won’t receive a gold watch. Dublin City Schools voted to force Perry to retire because she allegedly told her students that President Obama is not a Christian, and neither is anyone who voted for him.

And they have a problem with that?


  • Uncle_Waspy

    Can’t say anything even mildly negative about King Barrack…..that’s racist! (You’d think being labeled “not a Christian” would be considered a compliment by the humanist fruitcakes infesting the public education system.)

  • Blacksmith

    “And they have a problem with that?”
    Yes they do because truth to leftist is like the sun to vampires, it causes them to burn.

  • Glenfilthie

    I am actually good with it. Teachers should also be fired for calling Bush a fascist.
    Further, I would like to see politics banned from the curriculum the same way religion is. Most public education flunkies are immoral, lazy, and disreputable union slobs that have no place pushing their religion, sexuality, or politics at unsuspecting children. They are giving diplomas to kids that can’t even read or write.

    • Waffle

      No child left behind 😉

  • Hard Little Machine

    Teachers should generally say nothing and do their jobs which is to hand out and proctor standardized tests. No one cares what anyone thinks as long as they shut up.

  • winniec

    She carelessly expressed her opinion as a fact…something a teacher should not do. Children need to learn the scientific method, rather than accept ‘authority’. There are objective ways to test whether or not Obama is ‘Christian enough’ to join a certain church, but he is more Christian than many past US presidents.
    However, she went further to tell students they weren’t Christian if they believed the president. Many Christians actually do believe Obama’s word that he is a believer, however much they may disagree with his politics.
    Obama’s apparent favoritism to Muslims merely shows that politics make strange bedfellows. Obama does not attend nor worship in a mosque, he does attend church from time to time, especially in the secure chapel at Camp David where he is not scrutinized by the public.
    Nevertheless, the punishment was overboard, considering the expression of political disapproval. I presume this teacher has a history of making incautious remarks.

  • Tom Forsythe

    I thought that was his slogan.

  • But he isn’t.

  • simus1

    Emperor Barry or Emperor Nero – if the shoe fits …..