Bilingual guides to facilitate the replacement of Italy’s native population

ROME, APRIL 29 – In order to facilitate legal migration and on behalf of the interior ministry, the IDOS research center has implemented the Immigrazione Percorsi di Regolarità in Italia (IPRIT) project, resulting in the publication of two Italian-French bilingual guides on legal entry to Italy.

The research, the results of which were presented on Wednesday morning in Rome, focused on immigration to Italy from Tunisia and Morocco, both in order to curb the undocumented migration from the two countries and to offer migrants the tools they need for “safer and less costly journeys than those offered by human traffickers.”

In addition to a brief history of migrations, the guides contain information on procedures for visas, stay permits, job access, the starting of business activities and family reunion.

The research promotes the importance of legislation to protect migrants and found that “undocumented migration via sea to Italy is minimal.”

“Most of the irregular (migrant, Ed.) flows,” said Antonio Ricci, IPRIT project manager, “consists of people who, after entering the country legally, become irregular following the expiring of their visas or stay permits.”

The National Association “Beyond The Frontiers” (ANOLF) was one of the associations that took part in the research. Its president, Mohamed Saady, underscored the importance of activities aiming to “integrate immigrants into the territory”…

  • Martin B

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  • bob e

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    • Millie_Woods

      It’s not just the Italians. The endgame of socialism and the welfare state is on display all over Europe right now. Troops in the streets, warnings of imminent attacks, round ups of suspects, foreign invasion and collapsing economies. Orwell was right, socialism is something to be feared. Unfortunately not enough people were paying attention.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just tear down the Colosseum, build a giant block of free apartments.