Baltimore riots more proof that race relations worse under Obama

Race relations in America are worse under Obama. Just look at the riots in Baltimore and last year in Ferguson.

I believe this isn’t by accident, but by design.

  • Glenfilthie

    But what else can you expect? You put an affirmative action flunky in the Whitehouse – to me at least – it follows that you will see policies and regulation that favours vibrants and inflame the more uncivilized baboons. I can’t believe what the response is too: over at Salon the ladies are chattering and clucking about how burning cop cars and destroying your own city is a viable and respectable political strategy:

    Elsewhere a rioting vibrant was caught on camera trying to steal a lady’s purse – and some liberal dim bulb said in the comments that a gang of young white women were trying to steal the chimp’s bag! He was later seen throwing a garbage can through a shop window.
    I don’t care what the politically correct fascists say, to me the ‘n-word’ is still viable and I still use it. Similarly when Billary gets elected I will continue to use the ‘B’ word.
    I for one am just peachy with calling a spade a spade.

  • Clink9

    Obama as something else to add to victories. The Baltimore Orioles game has to be played without the spectators for the first time.

    Feel the Hope And Change.

    • Yup another Triumph for Post Racial America.

    • Minicapt

      … best crowd of the season, it were …


  • kkruger71

    I give Levant a hard time in the comments often, but I must say this is one of his best pieces yet.

  • Black young men kill other black young men at horrendous rates.

    The black community has a “snitches get stitches” mentality. As a result most of the young black murdering thugs are not arrested. They are then allowed to terrorize and adversely effect the black community.

    This creates its own social pathology of its own.

    Black “leaders” would do well to deal with their own thugs and murders. The need for the police would decline quite dramatically.

    • There are several problems in the black American community. Thanks to racial hatred and rioting, they never have to be addressed or fixed.

  • Linda1000

    We have our own type of “Balti-amore” starting in Canada these days also.
    See Surrey, B.C.

    • jayme

      Its really bad in Ottawa as well but because its all in black communitys its not talked about.

      • Linda1000

        Add Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto to the list. Interesting that there doesn’t seem to be as much violence in Vancouver but it’s an “investment” city for rich people.

    • barryjr

      Big difference Surrey is about a bunch of dbag drug pushers fighting over the market while Baltimore is about an entitled race whining because they felt they weren’t getting all they demanded. Only race involvement in Surrey is the breakdown of the gangs, I fail to see ethnic groups and “ethnic politicians” saying the ethnic gangs are justified in their action as is being said in Baltimore. I don’t see mass rioting in Surrey and I don’t think it’ there. To compare riots in Baltimore with turf wars in Surrey is too big a leap of imagination to be anything but imagination.

      • Linda1000

        I see your point and the racial issues are just more prevalent in the U.S. because of their history. I don’t know the ethnic makeup of the gangs in Surrey but I bet they aren’t predominantly white? It seems rather disqusting the black leaders in the U.S. like.the mayor of Baltimore to be condoning the race baiting by giving “rioters space to destroy”. The Bloods, Crips and Black Nation (?) gangs are now calling to target police across the U.S. so the race riots and gangs are now being connected in the U.S. Also the social activist groups like Occupy, No One is Illegal, environazis, Al Sharpton fan clubs etc. are more or less another type of gang with fancier names for “social justice” or whatever their “cause of the day”. They are all a bunch of thugs and race, drugs, violence and gang mentality seem intertwined with all of them even though drug/biker (eg. Hells Angels -the only biker name I can remember) mixed-race gangs are more about making money than race entitlements.

        • barryjr

          All of the group other than the gangs you have jut mentioned are “useful idiots” for the Internationale. They have nothing to do with the social issues they pretend to champion, they are only there to tear down western society and rebuild it like their failed eastern block. I am sure there are people that truly believe in those groups and truly hope for what they pretend to stand for but they are the grass roots level members, not anybody with any say in the direction the group goes. The gangs are just business enterprises that trade in illegal goods and enterprises and use illegal methods to conduct their business, that’s all nothing noble about them. Talking of mixed race gangs I think you are talking about the “U.N. Gang” that seemed to drop off the radar when the Bacon brothers and the Red Scorpions were hut down.

  • As one of the whitest presidents the United States has ever had, Obama’s fomenting racial hatred destroys not only civility but whatever functioning economies the afflicted areas had.