Turkish tree-lover can’t cut down a tree growing in his house

A man living in the Niksar district of the Black Sea province of Tokat has not had the heart to cut down a tree which has been growing inside his house for decades, astonishing passersby who notice its trunk sticking unnaturally out of his house.

Kemal Kaya, a 54-year-old textile worker, said he could not cut down the mulberry tree that was planted inside the room, which was once used as a woodshed beside his home’s entrance door.

The 40-year-old mulberry tree has roots inside the room with a height towering to the roof. As it grew over time, its trunk began to lean outside the two-story house, while the parts left inside were covered with sheet metal.

Kaya said the mulberry tree was planted when he was 14 years old, adding he could not cut it although he had built an additional balcony on the upper story of his home.

“I only cut the parts reaching out to the electric wires. I have not had the heart to cut it. How could I? When passersby come here and eat mulberry from this tree and say ‘thank you,’ that is enough for me. I love green so much,” said Kaya.