The Strange Case of Modern Immigration

The West is too cowed by guilt to look honestly at immigration.

Is immigrating from less-developed countries to the West a good or a bad thing, for host and guest? Is the immigrant angry at, or nostalgic for, the country he left? Is he thankful to or resentful of the country he has come to? Does the Westerner know why the other seeks him out or why he himself chooses not to emigrate to the non-West? These questions and dozens like them are not so much never answered as never even asked.

The result is chaos.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s a funny thing to feel guilty about having a successful culture. It may well be the unfortunate influence of liberalism, that uses guilt like a club.

  • mauser 98

    white guilt liberals are the stupidest creation on Earth

  • k1992

    The author seemed to imply that immigrants’ refusal to integrate into their new societies was the fault of the those societies, not the immigrants themselves. But this is just wrong – the immigrants themselves are choosing not to integrate:
    “They sense that trashing the West stokes the guilt of the Westerner and works far better than emulating his habits.” Works better how? They get better job prospects or benefits? If they came to the West because there was something in the culture that they wanted or admired, why separate themselves from it? It’s both dishonest and irresponsible. And plain silly – they come to the West because they perceived their own society as inferior, then attempt to recreate that “inferior” society in place of Western society? Yeah, that makes sense.

    • Immigration today is not the same as the immigration of the past.

      Technology has allowed for the creation of settler communities who need never to loosen the ties to their homelands and culture.

      • k1992

        So the actual purpose is simply to transplant their society to somewhere sunnier (or colder, in Canada’s case) and where there’s more space? I guess that makes sense – from *their* perspective. Whether it makes sense from their new country’s perspective is another question altogether ….

        • Rosenmops

          I think they come because they can make more money, it is safer and education is better. But most don’t seem to understand that it is the Western culture that is responsible for making things better. Some of them have the idea that the West is only richer because they “stole stuff” from Africa etc.

          They don’t understand that a high-trust, low-corruption, low-violence culture is why the West is better. They think they can import their shitty cultures and still have all the advantages of the West. And maybe a small number of them can do that, but sooner or later “the West” will simply not be the West any more and the advantages they came for will disappear. The more intelligent immigrants understand this, but most don’t.

          It is as if they came upon a lovely orchard full of healthy fruit trees, ransacked the fruit and then cut down the trees for firewood, not understanding this means there will be no more fruit.

          • Dana Garcia

            Yep, it’s all about the MONEY. And the free stuff, which is like money. Immigrants used to say they came for the freedom, but they don’t bother with lying any more.


  • Petey

    Actually, they come to the West because they are compassionate and altruistic people. They recognize that Islamic societies are superior to Western societies and they wish to extend the beauty of their culture to the West, as a an act of kindness.

    • Uh huh.

    • eMan14

      I am embarrassed that I thought otherwise.

  • ProgNorth

    The land of opportunity, has become the land of opportunism.

    They come for the shiny baubles, that the west offers them and then find out, that they don’t have to work for them, for we require nothing from them, but to only be here.

    The integration into the wider community therefore doesn’t happen and they balkanize into little nations, within the greater whole and fester and stew in their own boredom, while understanding that through activism and the encouragement of guilt ridden and self loathing leftists, that more can be had, all without contributing nothing of value to the economy.

    The opportunism therefore works both ways. The homegrown enemies of the west, salve themselves by handing out gift baskets, to the downtrodden while giving their cultures equal status with our own, thereby diminishing our superior traditions and values, because they themselves hate them.

    Meanwhile the immigrant gets it all, for even western ‘welfare life’ is materially better than what they left, but they are allowed to keep their baggage with them too.

    A win win for everyone, except those of us who value our heritage and the accomplishments of those who built our nation.

    ‘Idle hands are the Devils workshop’. Cultural Marxism can only succeed in a welfare state, and this is and has always been the goal of the left.