She Positively Glows!

Radioactive girl! ‘Superhero’ scientist ventures into the heart of Chernobyl exclusion zone to eat the ‘toxic’ apples and pose in the reactor’s control room

  • Allan

    Dead woman walking

    • winniec

      She’s in no danger. The dangerous parts are entombed in concrete.

  • robins111

    I kinda expect that the whole Chernobyl radioactive forever thing is largely bullshit. A lot of people aren’t aware that the other 3 power generating reactors were run for about 15 years after the melt down, with no problem. Another point is, that they have productive cities at ground zero of the two dirtiest bombs ever created by the US… A lot of the scare tactics and rhetoric are simply the Global Warming Scare (Mark 1)

    • mauser 98

      have read about a million dead ,cancers etc.

      • robins111

        Mauser, a lot of people died during the initial meltdown with Gamma radiation and fall out, since that time, the half life of the stuff has reduced the exposure to almost nothing. Yes there were cases of cancer, radiation poisoning etc during that time.
        I grew up in a uranium mining town, and the community used waste from the mines as backfill on hundreds of homes, it was later discovered we were all going to die from radiation poisoning and/or grow three heads… Other than brain damage (They once elected the NDP) there is/was no ill effects.
        The levels of radioactivity need to be investigated without Greepeace doing the counts.
        Just remember, the other three reactors ran for another 15 years plus, with no adverse effects on the employees. if there was, the world would have heard never ending braying.

        • winniec

          Thank you for your thoughtful posts. The tragically stupid accident at Chernobyl was due to an arrogant senior communist who thought he was smarter than the nuclear engineers running the site. He was not. Communism caused this accident.
          Costly, yet avoidable accidents and breakdowns often occur when RANK AND MANAGERIAL POSITION are placed above true expertise and training. That was the case here.

    • UCSPanther

      Chernobyl was one of a kind: The core was blown wide open and the underside is said to have some significant deposits of “corite” aka molten graphite with some radioactive elements.

      It is not something that can be safely approached for at least a century before decay can reduce the radiation levels. The Soviets were notorious for their reckless and clumsy handling of nuclear materials, such as the Mayak disaster of 1956 and several nuclear submarine mishaps…

  • mauser 98
  • Hard Little Machine

    the one part of Ukraine Russia doesn’t want back…