Running With the Predators – Liberal elites continue to condemn law enforcement and excuse inner-city crime.

Starting in late summer 2014, a protest movement known as Black Lives Matter convulsed the country. Triggered by the fatal police shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, the movement claimed that blacks are still oppressed by widespread racism, especially within law enforcement. The police subject black communities to a gratuitous regime of stops and arrests, resulting in the frequent use of lethal force against black men, according to the activists and their media and academic allies. Indeed, America’s police are the greatest threat facing young black men today, the protesters charged. New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio announced in December that he worries “every night” about the “dangers” his biracial son may face from “officers who are paid to protect him.” Less than three weeks later, a thug from Brooklyn, inspired by the nationwide anti-cop agitation, assassinated two New York police officers.

  • jayme

    There are some who claim Baltimore is rising while most say no its young black punks are out of control now when you have media defend what there doing that does not help.

  • Ron MacDonald

    How come we never see Blacks riot in the South?

  • roccolore

    The liberal fascists who attack cops and rally for the rioters are the first to demand police protection if something happens to them.

  • winniec

    These protests might have value if they were led by someone with a vision of dignified non-violent civil disobedience in the manner of Martin Luther King.

    Sadly, the leaders are ignorant, angry, unfocused and lacking in sense. The result is an out-of-control ‘burn baby burn’ riot. It just makes black people look unintelligent and unethical. That accomplishes nothing.

  • ed

    If it is beyend yuur mentil capatity to spall a fuor letta word coreccly then threers no hope DAMN ! I have saad it