Morning Brings Wail of Fire Engines in Wake of Baltimore Riots

Morning Brings Wail of Fire Engines in Wake of Baltimore Riots

Mother beats son for participating in Baltimore riots

h/t DR

  • Ron MacDonald

    Blacks that want to burn down their neighbourhoods should have to suffer the consequences, the municipality should leave the neighbourhood in ruins and not repair anything after the riots are over.

    • BillyHW

      Also, every single face in all the riot videos needs to be identified and those individuals must have their food stamps cut off for life.

    • Thank you.

  • Good mother, bad son. Rioters are stupid idiots.

    • They destroy their own neighborhoods then whine they live in a crappy neighborhood.

    • That mother certainly put fear into him.

  • Blacksmith

    That sure is a ray of sunshine in this mess, hope it works.

  • David Murrell

    I flicked on CNN News at 5am Atlantic time (4 am Eastern) and the two announcers lead off the hour’s news with politically-correct drivel as to the Baltimore riots. At one point they were discussing “misguided youth” — all the while showing teenaged hoods burning down buildings and cars, and roughing up people.

    CNN News is playing this up for all its worth. Their target audience these days is the violent black hood element. CNN News profits by stirring up anti-white hatred amongst violent blacks.

    • mauser 98

      politically driven from the top

  • mauser 98

    …Fergadishu Redux
    Missouri National Guard and Boston police both instructed to stand down and let rioters destroy

  • barryjr

    Civil unrest will be the excuse Buckwheat will use to suspend the 2016 elections. Having the police stand down is a tactic the Democrats will use more frequently as November 2016 comes closer.