John Derbyshire: Camp of the Stupids

They are the poorest of the poor.

No they’re not.

“To permit mass settlement by blacks who are also Muslims is to pass beyond the bounds of mere folly into homicidal insanity.”

For economic migrants, the decision to leave is generally a conscious choice by relatively well-off individuals and households to enhance their livelihoods … Clandestine travel costs anywhere from US$5,000-$35,000. Many of these migrants are petty entrepreneurs who sold their businesses or property in order to pay for the expensive trip.

I think even that writer may have put some lipstick on the pig. Petty entrepreneurs, sure; but in sinkhole Third World countries like Niger or Eritrea there are other classes of people who can get their hands on a few thousand dollars. There are minor government functionaries—cops, for example—with jobs that allow them to squeeze bribes out of their fellow citizens. There are also, of course, criminals.

A thing you notice about these illegals from the news photos is that they look well-dressed and well-fed. Some are positively chubby.

Sure, their countries are crappy places, but these are people who haven’t been doing too badly in them.