Iran’s underground restaurants serve up pork, wine and a pinch of freedom

In the Islamic State of Iran, restaurants are not allowed to serve items forbidden by sharia law, like alcohol and pork. And yet, it is possible to find underground establishments that serve them.

According to several of our Observers in Iran, several such hidden restaurants have cropped up in the past few years, in the capital Tehran as well as in other big cities, mainly in the country’s north. These places are unlicensed, and therefore can only be found through word of mouth. The attraction isn’t only the forbidden foods: women there can dress in a relaxed manner and take off their head scarves, which are mandatory in public. Furthermore, in these establishments, young unmarried couples don’t have to worry about the prying eyes of the morality police.

  • k1992

    Very nice – so the “rebellious” younger generation can show their opposition to their Islamic leaders by eating a nicely cooked ham, once a month (and in secret). Meanwhile those leaders will be busy preparing to lob nukes at Israel.

    • winniec

      A life without bacon is a life without sunshine.

  • winniec

    The situation in Iran is very similar to that of North America under prohibition…only much more extreme.
    Everyone in such a repressive, stifling atmosphere becomes a hypocrite and a habitual liar. The result is a general loss of honour and dignity and trust-worthiness. In such an atmosphere crime flourishes because there is a great demand.
    In Iran, the whole population (even those at the top) will have to admit that everyone is lying about everything. The dysfunctionality of that will create the will for change. The days of the mullahocracy are numbered. This is the countdown.

    • k1992

      I hope you’re right. But one could argue the very opposite: to quote Theodore
      Dalrymple: “A society of emasculated liars is easy to control”.