Hillary writes an op-ed about ‘Iowans I met’: They were all hand-picked beforehand

Clinton sat to talk with three young Iowans at a coffee shop on Apri 14 – all of whom were driven to the event by her Iowa campaign’s political director

Hillary Clinton cited ideas from five ‘Iowans I met’ during a recent campaign swing, when she wrote an op-ed Monday. All five, it turns out, were hand-picked by her campaign aides to attend closed events with her.

The opinion essay, which ran in the Des Monies Register, makes the case that her campaign in the early caucus state ‘isn’t going to be about me, it’s going to be about Iowans and people across our country.’

Ordinary Iowans, those not subjected to vetting in advance, apparently have yet to meet her.

The five in Clinton’s op-ed were among only 13 Iowans who were permitted to participate in the two scheduled ’roundtable’ events that her staff staged two weeks ago…