Hayat Boumeddiene is alive

NB -Google translate – In February, the young woman had given an interview to the magazine of the Islamic State, Dar al-Islam . Without really knowing if it was indeed her. The companion Amedy Coulibaly rejoiced then for joining the Syria , “land of the caliphate,” and said he was happy to be able to “live in a land governed by the law of Allah.” Above all, it confirmed the allegiance of her husband – they married religiously – to the Islamic state. This qu’Amedy Coulibaly had said in a video posted on the Internet after January 7.

According to RTL , Hayat Boumeddiene has repeatedly contacted his family since his departure for Syria five days before the attack against Charlie Hebdo . A family friend has told these radio conversations. “She says she has come to the territory of the Islamic State, without revealing its exact position or in Syria or in the north of Iraq . It justifies its choice, with his family, and details some rules to follow. She says, for example, she had to obtain permission to call in France “according to RTL .