Gerald Butts – Justin Trudeau’s “babysitter” – attacks columnist on Facebook

Justin Trudeau’s right hand man Gerald Butts went on attack on Facebook, criticizing independent columnist Bruce Anderson for a pretty ho-hum column about the Harper budget.

Butts blasted Anderson for “criticizing his own party in public.” Except Anderson says he’s not an “official Liberal” so what’s Butts’ problem? Isn’t this freak out a bit weird? Is it a threat? What does this say about Butts’ mindset — and about the man he works for? Is this the tone we can expect if Trudeau ever becomes PM?

  • winniec

    Justin Trudeau was approved as a babysitter by a majority of Canadians in a recent poll.
    Now Justin Trudeau has HIS VERY OWN babysitter? Canadians need to rethink their previous assessment of him.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Personally, I don’t believe most polls. But the idea that anybody would vote for ShinyPony makes me hallucinate unicorns and Jimi Hendrix guitar solos. The scope and profundity of Trudeau’s obvious stupidity is actually rather fascinating, but his “fans and followers” are another thing entirely.

  • barryjr

    The LPC is copying the Democrats exactly, Gerald Butts is Trudeau’s Valerie Jarrett. Bruce Anderson and his daughter will be the examples of what happens to “friends” that don’t toe the LPC (Gerald Butts) line.