Finnish military fires depth charges at suspected submarine

Finnish border guard vessels patrol waters off Helsinki where there were reports of a submarine sighting

HELSINKI (Reuters) – The Finnish military fired on Tuesday handheld underwater depth charges as a warning against a suspected submarine in waters near Helsinki, an incident that comes amid growing military tensions with neighboring Russia.

The navy said it noticed an underwater target on Monday and again on Tuesday morning and fired some warning charges – the size of grenades.

Finland, which shares an 833 mile (1,340 km) border with Russia, has been increasingly worried about its powerful neighbor after a year of Russian air force sorties and military border exercises…

  • Oh I’m so scared of Finland. Teemu and Saku are going to get me.

    • Minicapt

      Beware the reindeer behind you …


  • Ron MacDonald

    During work-ups sea training staff would drop scare charges over the side to simulate being hit by a torpedo or a mine. When they explode scare charges would give a destroyer a really hard jolt, I imagine a half dozen or more would really piss off a the crew of a Russian submarine.

  • cmh

    Probably ISIS

    • mobuyus

      I wish,. I dream of them fuckers under water.

  • FactsWillOut

    The size of grenades?
    The folk in the sub should be laughing.
    Real depth charges are the size of beer kegs, or bigger.