Cherson & Molschky: Muslim Terrorism and European Jew Hatred: What’s Changed in 35 Years?

Pro-Palestinian protesters in France, during last summer’s Gaza war

In the book Semites & Anti-Semites, renowned author and historian Bernard Lewis introduces the work with a summary of a terror attack on a Paris synagogue in 1980. When a bomb exploded at the synagogue, it killed four people including two non-Jewish passers-by. The French Prime Minister at the time, Raymond Barre, expressed his sympathies for the victims but made an interesting statement:

“They aimed at the Jews, and they hit innocent Frenchmen.”

Now imagine the impact this statement would have had, if “Jews” had been replaced with something else:

“They aimed at the Muslims, and they hit innocent Frenchmen.”

“They aimed at the English, and they hit innocent Frenchmen.”

“They aimed at the Australians… the Italians… the Indians…”

Any of these groups would understand the implication instantly…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This is why when Netanyahu spoke up about bringing European Jews to Israel, he shamed the entire continent and not just the French.

  • Shebel

    I know a whole passle of people that will state that they don’t like the Jews. These are the same people that will call me a Racist because I have a very dim view of Islam, in general.
    I ask why ? The Jews killed Jesus.
    The only thing they love is themselves and money.
    They own the media and are taking over the World.

    That is pretty much it.

    • Zaba

      I know a whole passle of people that will state that
      they don’t like the Jews.

      You can do better!

      • Shebel

        ))))) I was just checking for squirrels. .
        Sorry . It was my mind set at the time.

        • Zaba

          Actually, I meant doing better in the people you know……

  • Waffle

    No problems in France according to a spokesman from that community:

    “Concern over the fate of French Jews is being overdone, Arfi said. In fact, he said, Jewish life “is flourishing,” and Jews, who have lived in France for more than 1,000 years, are involved in all aspects of public life.”

    He was one of the panellists speaking to a smallish audience (150-200) the other night at a Toronto synagogue.:

  • Zaba

    What’s Changed In 35 Years?