Austria more tolerant ‘except on topic of Islam’

One thousand people filled in an online questionnaire. 78 percent said they would not mind if a family member came out as homosexual. 77 percent said they had no problem with lesbian same sex-marriage, and 71 percent were tolerant of gay same-sex marriage. But only 59 percent said they approved of two gay men adopting a child.

Regarding racism, 82 percent said they had no problem visiting an African-born dentist, and 79 percent said they were happy to be operated on by a Turkish-born surgeon.

Only ten percent said they felt uncomfortable with a woman for a boss.

Questioned on the topic of Islam, 65 percent said they would be against a family member converting to Islam, and 64 percent did not want a mosque in their neighbourhood.

  • winniec

    When a mosque is built, Muslims become territorial and want the neighbourhood to be increasingly their religio-cultural enclave. The first thing local people notice after a mosque is built is the sudden and constant lack of parking. In England, driveways are blocked as cars from far away enter the neighbourhood and take every space five times a day every day of the week.
    Lawyer Gavin Boby encounters these mosque problems every week in England. The Austrians are starting to get hip. This process of Islamo-awareness is inevitable and irreversible.

    • simus1

      The second thing people notice is a lack of parking enforcement.
      The third thing people notice is a few homes sold at high prices followed by a constant fall in prices and increase in “inconveniences of various sorts”.

      The Americans had a word for it years ago when it involved real estate speculators and blacks trying to buy homes in white neighbourhoods.
      It was called “blockbusting”.

  • Doug Kursk

    The veneer thin semblance of tolerance quickly peels away when Muslims/Islam push their supremacist views via their minarets.

    Many bitter lessons will no doubt have to be learned before we reverse the current trends.

  • Well, at least the Austrians have a bit of wisdom – the anti-Islam part!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Experience is the best teacher.