Unliveable London: Protesters smash windows of estate agents claiming they are being priced out of the area

Protesters have demolished the front window of upmarket estate agents Foxtons during a protest against the gentrification of South London.

The store front of its Brixton branch was covered in shattered glass while ‘no evictions’ and ‘yuppies’ was spray painted in black across their housing advertisements.

A police spokesman confirmed that one man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Thousands of people turned up for the event organised by the Reclaim Brixton group who were demonstrating against local residents and businesses being priced out of the trendy area…

Normally I would not sympathize with violent protesters. Yet, the housing problem for young people is bad, even in small Victoria, BC. The Western governments have allowed in floods of foreign millionaires and the house prices are beyond the reach of many young couples.  

Again, mass immigration has screwed us over. But the wealthy are unaffected, so they don’t care.  In fact, since they are property owners they are beneficiaries. 

Consider a related story from Washington, DC: A man who works as greeter at the Dirksen Senate Office Building cannot afford housing and lives on the street.