Sex, lies and Sharia Law: The secret life of the Sultan of Brunei

HE’S worth an estimated $25 billion (AUS), lives in a 1700-bed palace, indulges himself in western luxuries and has a reputation for enjoying beautiful women.

In a story on 60 Minutes, viewers saw how the Sultan of Brunei lives a very extravagant but somewhat moderate Muslim life.

But last year the Sultan introduced Sharia Law – where thieves would have their hands cut off and adulterers and homosexuals would be stoned to death. It applies to everyone living in Brunei except the Sultan and his Royal family.

While parts of the ancient Islamic law have been introduced in stages, Brunei is now on the verge of adopting public stoning.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The sultan and his brother Prince Jefri have been stoned for years.

  • Gettingby

    Now perhaps people will start to understand why western elites and their political and economic underlings do nothing to slow the Islamic invasion and why these seem so enthralled with Islam. They envision themselves as future royal families controlling the unquestioning masses. Total power, wealth, privilege, above all laws, answerable to none but themselves. Dissident individuals, groups, entire cities die at their command and nary a voice in protest.

    • Mohamsandwich

      But never forget the oppression of the “Palestinians”, a fake people.

  • mauser 98

    Howard Stern interviewed a prostitute who went there
    she said plane loads go to Brunei

  • winniec

    The Sultan of Brunei is above the law of Allah? Is he a god?

    • k1992

      If ISIS gets a hold of that apostate….

  • longjoksilver

    So the sultan, his immediate family, and their sycophants have not stolen from their people in order to live as they do?…..which limb do they choose to be left with?

  • Hard Little Machine

    They sound like major Hillary Clinton donors.

    • Blacksmith

      I wouldn’t be even a little surprised to find they are.