No Goodyear in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario

More bad news for jobs in Ontario.

  • Waffle

    Revolution NOW!! What are you waiting for? The pain is only going to get worse.

    • Ontario Liberal voters.

      That is and always has been the problem.

      • Waffle

        Yes, she’s bought and paid for the critical mass she needs to stay in power. I’m still trying to figure what the end game really is. She is not a stupid person. She knows exactly what she’s doing. In fact, she’s moving at warp speed What’s her payoff in totally destroying the economy? Will her union friends be able to unseat Harper? Will Justin — if he becomes PM (shudder, shudder bite your tongue, Waffle) open the financial resources of the federal treasury for her? And the flood gates of immigration? Vampires always need fresh blood to feast on.

        But where is the anger? Where is the outrage at the train wreck that is taking place before our eyes, each moment in slow motion. The pain is agonizing.

        • As Alfred said in “The Dark Knight”, some people just want to watch the world burn.

          She may very believe in her ideology.

          But facts are dreadful reminder of how woefully lacking that ideology is.

          Couple that with the fact that she is a b!#ch, you have your recipe for provincial disaster.

          People who vote for her are tribal. No one will point how bad Trudeau Le Pere and Chretien were just as no one will condemn the mayors of Baltimore and New Orleans for their gross incompetence.

  • Clink9

    I’m sure it’s an accident that Wynne is crushing Ontario’s economy.

    • Glenfilthie

      Absolutely! And that homosexuality and perversion and a socialist ideology aren’t responsible either!
      It’s probably those eeeeeeeevil corporate CEO’s!!!!

      • Clink9

        She hates herself as well as her country.

  • ontario john

    Be fair. Wynne is very busy with her new tv ads that also have Rick Mercer and former chief Blair explaining the anti homosexual atrocities in Ontario.

  • Waffle

    Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Hey kids, we’re on the Highway to Hell!:

  • DD_Austin

    No defense of the liberals but this is bullshit

    International companies pit areas against each other all the time and this has
    been going on since the 1970s

    • True, but Ontario is being turned into a rust belt and Wynne’s policies make it easier.

  • I would feel better if I knew Wynne was losing her pension over this.