Mayor Of Nice, France… We Have To Face An Islamist 5th Column

NB – Google translate: Statements. Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice-UMP, was the guest last Sunday on France 3 12/13 . The former minister said that France had to face with “c inquièmes columns “and Islamists “O ui, Catholics are threatened. ”

The ” third world war “is declared

The former minister and UMP deputy mayor was the guest last Sunday of France 3 He did not mince his words and reacted strongly after the attempted attacks Sunday, April 19 for the Catholic community. ” Yes, the Catholics are threatened (…) in France, they are a target (…) The Judeo-Christian civilization of which we are the heirs today is threatened . ”

Estrosi added that ” Islamofascism “declared” World War III “to” Judeo-Christian civilization “and that France had to face the” fifth columns “Islamists. ” I go hard, yes! This is a third world war that is declared us, we must be aware…”