Mayor Of Nice, France… We Have To Face An Islamist 5th Column

NB – Google translate: Statements. Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice-UMP, was the guest last Sunday on France 3 12/13 . The former minister said that France had to face with “c inquièmes columns “and Islamists “O ui, Catholics are threatened. ”

The ” third world war “is declared

The former minister and UMP deputy mayor was the guest last Sunday of France 3 He did not mince his words and reacted strongly after the attempted attacks Sunday, April 19 for the Catholic community. ” Yes, the Catholics are threatened (…) in France, they are a target (…) The Judeo-Christian civilization of which we are the heirs today is threatened . ”

Estrosi added that ” Islamofascism “declared” World War III “to” Judeo-Christian civilization “and that France had to face the” fifth columns “Islamists. ” I go hard, yes! This is a third world war that is declared us, we must be aware…”

  • David Murrell

    “The ‘Third World War’ is declared”.

    Actually, John Thompson, head of the fine Mackenzie Institute, was closer to the mark, back in September 2001, after the 9/11 attacks, when he said the Fourth World War has been declared. Sadly, people like President Obama, are oblivious to this fact.

  • This is a mainstream (UMP) politician – it is good he had the guts to speak out, tho I suspect the fact that he is running for election soon against someone from the FN enticed him to do it.

  • Chatillon

    While I am always encouraged when a politician of any stripe, at any level of government, dares to state the obvious, I am also realistic enough to expect a counterattack on any such individual from the advocates of Islam and their allies.

    Progress in this area will be seen when the number of politicians coming to the defense of one such as M. Christian Estrosi above increases.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As stated above, this is World War IV. As a young student, I devoured the popular world history volumes of Will and Ariel Durant. They got as far as “The Age of Napoleon,” their 11th volume, before old age fully caught up with them. Were someone to pick up the thread from where they left off, the volumes to bring the world up to date would most likely be, #12. The Age of Metternich, #13. The Age of Marx, #14. Bismarck and Kaiser, #15. The Rise of the New World, #16. The World Crisis (1914 to 1945), #17. The Cold War (1945 to 1990) and #18. The Age of Jihad (1990 to the present).

  • J. C.

    It’s an encouraging sign that not every politician is burying his head in the sand…

  • WalterBannon

    This has to be an aberration. I though common sense had been bred out of the French.

  • mauser 98

    horse left barn

    • Surele Surele


  • Uncle_Waspy

    Even if Europe put the brakes on mass immigration, they’ve still got a toxic mess on their hands with the Moes already there. Soon enough, we will witness Enoch Powell’s prediction materialize.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    When is a politician here going to say something similar?