Four-year-old boy frisked and forced to hand over toy gun that fired SPONGE darts at UK airport

A four-year-old boy was frisked by airport security and then forced to hand over his plastic nerf gun after it was deemed a security risk.

James Hayward had arrived at East Midlands Airport with his parents, Phil, 44, and Hazel, 38, with his brightly coloured toy – which fires sponge darts – packed in his hand luggage for their flight out to Lanzarote.

But security officers, who were described as ‘over-zealous’ by the boy’s father, then took exception to James’s harmless toy when it was picked up on the system’s X-ray machines. They demanded he hand it over, and they also performed a thorough patting down and inspection of the primary school child.

  • heather

    Ive had that happened. Wrapped Christmas gifts for kids.

  • BillyHW

    Love how we pretend to care about security. If we really cared about security we would stop letting muslims into our airports and countries. But we live in a crazy world where we can’t speak the truth, even though everyone knows what the truth is.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      If you’ve gone to through airport security a good number of the security people are the very people I might be concerned as being the security risks!

      • simus1

        Reminds of someone who needed some extra income years ago who applied to work as a security guard in a tough mining town. The boss hired him despite his supervisors doubts who noted he would be the only one out on patrol there without a criminal record for street assaults or recreational bar fights.

      • BillyHW

        At YYZ they are all Pakis.

    • WalterBannon

      If we really cared about security we would also stop employing muslims as our our airport security – but even that is too big a step for the marxist fifth columnists who run our countries.

      • BillyHW

        They also should not be pilots. (Or flight attendants. Or passengers.)

  • Blacksmith

    Must have taken their training at the TSA schools.

  • Waffle
  • moraywatson

    Sorry, but any parent who thinks their child needs to have their nerf gun in their carry on luggage is showing a lack of spine.

  • mobuyus

    Next time for speedy passage dress the kid as a palistinian Goat herder.

  • WalterBannon

    That’s what happens when you hire moderate muslim security guards at airports to protect us from moderate muslim terrorists…

  • roccolore

    But Muslims wearing garbage bags can walk through uninterrupted.

  • DaninVan

    Yeh, I have to agree with ‘moraywatson’. All else posted being (reasonably) true, you, as parents, KNOW that any toy gun is going to be a BIG problem at the airport.
    The only reason you wouldn’t think that is because you’ve been drinking the koolade, ie your mind is multiculti spongecake.
    At least there’s now two more Canadians who’ve woken up to the reality.