Fake phobia is preventing much-needed Islam reform

A violent protest in Sydney, Australia. Their delicate feelings were hurt by the video ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

“ISLAMAPHOBIA” is a manufactured left wing concept. Literally. It was made up in 1997 by a British left wing think tank called the Runnymede Trust.

Although the word had appeared in theological texts earlier with a far more limited meaning, the Runnymede definition created a phony problem and in doing so built a fraudulent victimhood industry.

The new term was then exploited by Britain’s Labour Party to stifle any criticism of its disastrous policies towards immigration in general and Muslims in particular.

Much like Australia’s Labor Party, Britain’s Labour Party has benefited mightily over the years from harnessing the Muslim vote…

  • Tanya

    Innocence of Muslims was a hoot! best comedy of the year, should get an Academy Award.

  • winniec

    The Leftarded cultural Marxist are using the ‘noble savages’ to destroy Western civilization in the same way that developers often use motorcycle gangs to cause intimidated people to sell off their homes.
    The Leftard strategy is coming to the awareness of more and more people. Once alerted, voters will resent the use of the ‘noble savages’ to ensure election victory at the expense of civic peace. The future of Islamized countries is genocide of the indigenous peoples and non-Muslim inhabitants. Sharia law’s purpose is to snuff out other cultures and peoples.